zaterdag 7 april 2012

Saturday Sweetness


This was one of these days you intend to do some work, but end eating icecream with friends (: You know, I did want to have some fun today, but it seemed like everyone had to visit their grandparents, play a footballmatch or do something else. So I started learning for my maths-test. But that didn't really make me happy. Actually, it made me kinda frustrated. (You know, algebraic expressions and that kind of stuff >.<)
Soon I ended up cleaning my room, yeaaahh... bo-ring! And I was so happy when I got a textmessage. And from one thing came another. And 30 minutes later I was cycling with my friend Rachel to meet Laura. 

It was really fun. And the icecream was delicious. Despite it was very cold outside. Even so cold, that when Rachel and I were cycling back home it rained tiny hailstones...

Oh, do you remember the nailpolish I got yesterday? I polished my nails with it today. I'm totally in love with the colour. So were my friends!

Mintcoloured nailpolish: Rimmel, 835 Bright Back At You

Do you like it as much I do?

A few minutes ago I read an article about a park in Sydney. All the people there live in rockabilly style. Really, the women wear beautiful dresses, sometimes with petticoats. And some of the men have these amazing hairstyle! I wish I could visit this park once.
The photographer Steven Siewart made an report about it. He said about it: "Photographing this secene is like time travalling. Every now and then I put my camera down to drink in the armosphere of postwar Sydney" 

And how was your saturday?

xx Janna

7 reacties:

  1. Looks beautiful ,great Colour!


  2. Oh wow! That park seems so cool! I would love to visit it one day! Your nail color is super fun!


  3. Reacties
    1. Yeahhh, it's amazing. They live like in the fifties, dance to music from the fifties, eat like they did back then (:

  4. suuuch a gorgeous colour!

    Ruth xxxx

  5. Nice nail colour!

  6. Hi! Ok, i follow you, i hope you follow me back!
    Kisses from spain


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