donderdag 31 mei 2012

Sleepless night

This is one of these nights I cannot sleep. 
So I love to show this picute I made a few hours ago. 
It's a beautiful sunset, isn't it?

Sweet dreams xx

maandag 28 mei 2012

Ginger cookies with coconut & tutti frutti

Another great day. Altough the it isn't as hot as it was, it's just lovely to be outside. Picture me laying in the grass drinking mint lemonade and listening music. In bikini of course (: You get the idea (: Relaxing relaxing relaxing. I hope you enjoyed your days as much as I did!

Boefje is also enjoying the sun

But my weekends, yeah I had three days weekend, are never complete without baking something sweet. Today I was in the mood for cookies. There was still ginger in the fridge, I love that ingredient. It had its own special taste, something that makes you instantly aware of what's in the cookies. Or brownies. Or cupcakes. I just love it. Anyway, I'll give you a little how-to. It's easy!

You need:
  • 250 gr soft butter
  • 165 sugar
  • 1 egg yolk, slightly stirred
  • 50 gr ginger, cut frail
  • 2 tablespoons ginger syrup, this is in the same glass jar
  • 250 gr flour
  • small touch of salt
  • 50 gr tutti frutti (I used prunes and apricots)
  • 90 gr grated coconut

1. Stir the butter and sugar airy and add the egg yolk.
Now is also the time to add the ginger syrup.

2. Sieve the flour and the salt trough the butter/sugar.

3. Cut the ginger and tutti frutti. Add the fruit to the batter and mix it all.

4. Mix also the grated coconut trough the batter.

5. Preheat the over on 190 °C and cover the baking plates with baking paper.
Then make small ball of the batter and press them together, as you see bove.
I used two plates. Oh and of course you should bake them, approximately 15 minutes.

The result, yummy for tea time!

zondag 27 mei 2012

City trip

Dear you,

Sorry to keep you waiting for more then a week. It's way too long. The weather was just so great, I went to the lake near my house almost every day. And I didn't really touch my computer. Anyway, I'll post some pictures of yesterday. We bought traintickets for a whole day, you can go anywhere you would love to. So we got up early to go to Maastricht, in Holland's most south spot. It took us approximately 3 hours to get in the centre. Maastricht is a beautiful old city with nice streets. It's great for shopping and just walking around.
After having a good time there, we went to Utrecht, like one hour from Amsterdam. There we eat Thai, I didn't know it was that delicious. Aawh you know, I'll just keep my mouth, watch the pictures (:


Bookshop in a beautiful church,
look at the pretty ceiling!

My crazy friends (:

Delicious Thai food, in Utrecht

We had an awesome day. The Thai food was really hot hahaha. So we almost all ended up crying xd. But it was also very delicious. And we sat at a beautiful spot near a town channel.
Oh, please take a look at the picture of me and my friends and watch the dress I'm wearing. I think it's a great summerdress, what do you think? I wore it with my golden cuff and big earrings. And of course my Roman sandals, which you cannot see. Maybe I'll show you later, but it's too dark to make a picture right away...

Close-up of my dress

And today I did volunteer work at the farm near my home. It was the day that all de sheeps were sheared. There were also some baby goats, so cute! So today was a great day too. And the weather is still fine in Holland, lots of sun. I hope it will stay like this, I love it. 

It looks like I'm killing the baby goat, but I was just hugging her

Now I'm gonna have an early night, to compensate for the short sleeps I've had (:

Bisous xx 

zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Brown leather & sparkling green

Hey you,

I have two great days behind me. Yesterday I went downtown with Mariya. The sun was shining and we were strolling trough the streets, shopping a bit and enjoying our free time. We drunk a smoothie, mine was with pineapple and mint, I loved it!

And today I went to Pim's Sweet Sixteen. We were having a barbecue with delicious chicken en fresh cucumbersalad. And the sun was also today shining. So it couldn't be better. I also gave a present I really liked myself. This morning I baked the coco cookies with blueberry marmelade again and put them in a box which I covered in pictures of sweet food. And I bought a bottle of something wine-like and a picnik blanket. So I hope Pim also likes it (: We chattered, laughed and danced. I had a lovely time. And now I'm back home again. I'm gonna listen some music in bed. What I like right now: 

Marilyn Monroe - Diamonds

Some pictures of my outfit:

I wanted to wear something that would be warm enough for a whole evening outside, so I put on knee high socks and a jumper. But of course it was a party, and I wanted to wear something fashionable, something I love. I bought this fakeleather skirt lately and wasn't really sure what to wear it with. And I think this is a lovely combi with the brown leather boots. What do you think?

Hope you also had a great Friday/Saturday xx

PS. Sorry for the bad quality of my outfit picture, I really should make a new one tommorow. Or I'll leave it like this ;$

donderdag 17 mei 2012

Chocolate vs. quark: Brownies


Although today was the start of a four-day weekend, I was feeling a but grumpy. maybe because of the tons of homework that are waiting for me. So I just played a bit with my cat in the sun, when I decided to bake something. That always makes me happy. Yeah sure, also this time. It's brownies with quark. It should be marbled, but somehow the batter became too stiff and it wouldn't mix. So now it's just a thin layer. Anyway, it's delicious. I'll give you the recipe.

What you need:

  • 190 gr butter
  • 45 gr cacoa
  • 220 gr sugar
  • 2 eggs, slighly stirred
  • 125 gr flour
  • 250 ml quark
  • 50 gr sugar
  • 1 egg
  • optional: almondextract, gives it an extra sweet touch
What you do:
  1. Preheat the over at 180 °C,
  2. Melt the butter in a pan,
  3. Take the pan off the gas and spoon the cacoa and sugar trough the melted butter,
  4. Stir the eggs trough it, add the flour and mix it till it's a smooth batter,
  5. Spoon the batter in a pastrymould, square or round, whatever you like,
  6. Stir the quark with the sugar and egg, also add the almond extract if you want to,
  7. Drip the mix on the batter and try to marble it by making ratational movements,
  8. Bake the brownies 35 minutes,
  9. Get them out of the oven, let them cool down and...
Oh, I want to make a little note to this recipe. The quarklayer was a bit too thin in my opinion. The contrast was not big enough. So you might use a bit more quark. And maybe it's even a better idea to bake the brownies and then let the quark coagulate, like in cheesecake. Just a little tip. I'll try it next time and tell you the result (: 

xx Janna

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

Blowin' in the wind

Dear readers,

Just a quick update before I go to school. Today we have a sponsorrun for the Netherlands Society for Cancer Relief. So I hope we'll collect a lot of money for it.

My outfit of today:

yeahh, the wind was blowing hard xd.

still in love with my blue boots

cute pussy-cat necklace

Have a happy day,

zondag 13 mei 2012

Coco cookies with blueberry marmelade


For everybody who would love to bake something delicious, but is a bit scared it will fail: try this! It only took me like twenty minutes to bake these cookies and everybody loves them. It was my little surprise for my mom as a Mother's Day present. She said they were "unbelievably delicious". Awesome! So don't hesitate, and look trough this short how-to (:

You need:

  • 250 gr butter
  • 165 gr sugar
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 tl almond extract
  • 250 flour
  • a tiny bit of salt
  • 100 gr graped coconut
  • 4 tablespoons of blueberry marmelade

1. First preheat the over on 190 °C and cover one or two baking plates with baking paper.

2. Stir the butter and sugar in a big bowl until it's light and airy.

3. Mix the egg yolk trough the butter/sugar, also add the almond extract.

4. Sift the flour trough it toghether with a tiny bit of salt.

5. Add the grated coconut. It might look like it's a bit too much, but believe me, it's perfect!

6. Make small balls and push your thumb in them to make a tiny hole for the marmelade.
Then bake the cookies for 10-15 minutes. The shorter, the stickier they will be. But don't make them too sticky or they won't even harden up in the end. Let them cool down for 5-10 minutes on the plate.

Serve them on a beautiful dish and surprise everybody!
Doesn't it make you mouthwatering?

x Janna

zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Chocolate x Mint

Heee (:

I found this picture somewhere on my computer. And I really wanted to share it with you. I made this cupcake last summer when I came back from France. In France you can buy green lemonade, tasting like mint. So when I mixed it with some butter and icing sugar, it looked so great. The combination chocolate-mint is also awesome. It doesn't only look great, it also tastes delicious. 

So, maybe when I go back to France this summer, I'll buy green lemonade. 'Cause I really would love to make these cupcakes, or in a different style, again!

Bisous, Janna

donderdag 10 mei 2012

Trip to Ypres/Brussels (:

Dear everbody,

he last trip was awesome. Thursday we went to Ypres, Belgium by bus. In the bus we had a lot of fun, listened music, chattered a lot and even did some kinda gymnastic because we got bored. Which resulted in some strange positions, hihi. See below. In Ypres we saw the remains of the first world war. It was very impressive and informative. We also ate in a cute restaurant. There we got typical Belgian fries and chicken. It was delicious. Ieper is a small town, very cute. In the evening we went to the ceremony, impressive too. And we walked around in the centre.
We slept in a small schoolhotel. I shared a room with five other girls and we had so much fun. You can imagine we didn't sleep that much (:

Friday we  drove to Brussels. First we went to the European Parliament. Such a pity that we didn't stay long. But I'm happy I've seen it. It's huge! And we were visiting a museum about the European Union. We were told stories by a small computer, hanging around our necks. And after that we had free time in the centre. So we had a lot of time to get the feeling of Brussels. In my opinion it's a beautiful city with a lovely centre. There are all these old streetstones. And a lot of buildings are creamwhite with golden details, like you see above. Really pretty! And of course it smells everywhere so delicious because of the waffle-stands (:

Yesterday evening we got back home. It was nice to sleep in my own bed and have a warm douche. But I would have loved to have a few more days hahaha!

Hihi, having a lot of fun during the journey in the bus.

Beautiful park in Zonnebeke, Belgium

With Pim in the park, the weather was so sunny (:

Grote Markt, the centre of Brussels

Manneke Pis,
I really thought he would be a bit bigger xd.

Beautiful detail of an old building in Brussels

Yummy Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream <3

A lot of buildings in Brussels were decorated with golden details

Have you ever been in Ypres or Brussels?

xx Janna

PS. You've seen the picture of me and Pim? First, I love the pants I'm wearing. The colour is very fierce, I like it very much. Second, Pim is also blogging. He has his own fashionblog. Which I really recommend visiting some time. Click!

zondag 6 mei 2012

Pink braid

Yesterday I was at a festival, <3
Mylène and I did some pink in our hair.
Do you like it? xx

donderdag 3 mei 2012

Brownies+chocolate chip cookies = yummy!

As soon as Maartje had told me about a recipe she had seen, where the best of both worlds, brownies ànd chocolate chip cookies, were mixed, we dicided that we had to try it during the holidays (: 
Yesterday was the big day hahaha. I went to Maartje and we picked up Laura from the busstation. First we ate icecream, 'cause the weather in Holland is warm in some kind of weird way. And we bought a packet browniemix Dr. Oetker (yeah, lazy us x) and chocolate chip cookies.
Now I'll just give you the recipe and show you the picture, so you can start mouth watering and bake the brownies yourself:

What to do:

  1. Just follow the instructions on the browniemix-pack. Which for us meant mixing 50 gr butter trough it and then mixing it with 100 ml water.
  2. Then crumble the chocolate chip cookies and spread them trough the batter. Of course you can use as much cookies as you want (: 
  3. Ohhyeah, that was it. Just everything you should do to make these delicious chocolate chip cookie brownies. Isn't it just too easy?
  4. Oh haha, I knew I forgot something. You should of course bake them xd.
    160°C, 40 minutes.
Woahhh, so sticky!

As you can see, it's very sticky inside, with crunchy bits.

Au revoir x

dinsdag 1 mei 2012

Coffee cupcakes


You wanna get to know my idea of baking today? Grabbing a pack of brownies and then making my own delicious cappuccino-frosting hahaha (:
I love holidays, I just have the time for everything I would love to do. So this morning I woke up with the idea that I would like to bake cupcakes. Because... it's such a long time ago I baked cupcakes. So I foldered trough some bakingbooks to get some inspiration. And then I just started to follow my own plan (:

This was kinda my idea of baking today: grab a pack of browniemix, mix the powder with water and... Yeahh ready: brownies. Hahahahah, that's it. But of course I wanted to make it me and I wanted to make it look cute. This is what I did for the frosting/cream:
  1. Melt 30 gr butter (in the microwave, or in a pan),
  2. Mix 1,5 tablespoon trough the melted butter,
  3. Solve 2 tablespoons of coffepowder in the hot mix,
  4. Then mix it all with 100 gr of icing sugar and make it a smooth cream.
The mix of airy brownies and the smooth cream is amazing, so delicious. So is the combination of coffee and chocolate.

Bisous, Janna

Ps. Queensday was awesome. I went to the city with a few friends, we had a lot of fun. We were wearing orange of course. Toghether with my friend Mylène we had orange knee hihg socks. Hahaha, a lot of people in the city said: "Ohh, gosh, look those sock" Hahhaa, really, I loved it. Everywhere was music, so it was kinda partyhardy (: I wished it was queensday again!

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