zondag 27 mei 2012

City trip

Dear you,

Sorry to keep you waiting for more then a week. It's way too long. The weather was just so great, I went to the lake near my house almost every day. And I didn't really touch my computer. Anyway, I'll post some pictures of yesterday. We bought traintickets for a whole day, you can go anywhere you would love to. So we got up early to go to Maastricht, in Holland's most south spot. It took us approximately 3 hours to get in the centre. Maastricht is a beautiful old city with nice streets. It's great for shopping and just walking around.
After having a good time there, we went to Utrecht, like one hour from Amsterdam. There we eat Thai, I didn't know it was that delicious. Aawh you know, I'll just keep my mouth, watch the pictures (:


Bookshop in a beautiful church,
look at the pretty ceiling!

My crazy friends (:

Delicious Thai food, in Utrecht

We had an awesome day. The Thai food was really hot hahaha. So we almost all ended up crying xd. But it was also very delicious. And we sat at a beautiful spot near a town channel.
Oh, please take a look at the picture of me and my friends and watch the dress I'm wearing. I think it's a great summerdress, what do you think? I wore it with my golden cuff and big earrings. And of course my Roman sandals, which you cannot see. Maybe I'll show you later, but it's too dark to make a picture right away...

Close-up of my dress

And today I did volunteer work at the farm near my home. It was the day that all de sheeps were sheared. There were also some baby goats, so cute! So today was a great day too. And the weather is still fine in Holland, lots of sun. I hope it will stay like this, I love it. 

It looks like I'm killing the baby goat, but I was just hugging her

Now I'm gonna have an early night, to compensate for the short sleeps I've had (:

Bisous xx 

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