zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Brown leather & sparkling green

Hey you,

I have two great days behind me. Yesterday I went downtown with Mariya. The sun was shining and we were strolling trough the streets, shopping a bit and enjoying our free time. We drunk a smoothie, mine was with pineapple and mint, I loved it!

And today I went to Pim's Sweet Sixteen. We were having a barbecue with delicious chicken en fresh cucumbersalad. And the sun was also today shining. So it couldn't be better. I also gave a present I really liked myself. This morning I baked the coco cookies with blueberry marmelade again and put them in a box which I covered in pictures of sweet food. And I bought a bottle of something wine-like and a picnik blanket. So I hope Pim also likes it (: We chattered, laughed and danced. I had a lovely time. And now I'm back home again. I'm gonna listen some music in bed. What I like right now: 

Marilyn Monroe - Diamonds

Some pictures of my outfit:

I wanted to wear something that would be warm enough for a whole evening outside, so I put on knee high socks and a jumper. But of course it was a party, and I wanted to wear something fashionable, something I love. I bought this fakeleather skirt lately and wasn't really sure what to wear it with. And I think this is a lovely combi with the brown leather boots. What do you think?

Hope you also had a great Friday/Saturday xx

PS. Sorry for the bad quality of my outfit picture, I really should make a new one tommorow. Or I'll leave it like this ;$

16 reacties:

  1. O my god, I want your skirt so badly, you're stunning!!


  2. Cute outfit, and I love the sound of blueberry marmalade in cookies mmm

  3. Loved your outfit, the cookies are delicious and I was very glad you could come to my party!!

    See you tomorrow ;)


  4. Great outfit!
    I love it!!!


  5. love the faux leather skirt in that colour! seems like the perfect thing to go with brown leather boots :)

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!
    Yes! Sure!! We can follow each other!
    I follow through GFC as "Filipa Moreira".


  7. amazing look, beautiful skirt!
    I observe your blog and I invite you to observe my blog:)

  8. Love the outfit! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :) all you need to do is verify it at my blog! x

  9. fabulous outfit! :)
    love your blog. :D

    visit my blog?
    and if you wanna follow each other let me know! :D

  10. your outfit is sso cute, we are crazy about the shorts!


  11. Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
    What about following each other?
    I’ve just published a new post and I would love to know your opinion about it!
    Win a wonderful long dress from Shabby Apple

  12. Nice outfit :) Really like your necklace!

    I love Marilyn
    : D


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