donderdag 10 mei 2012

Trip to Ypres/Brussels (:

Dear everbody,

he last trip was awesome. Thursday we went to Ypres, Belgium by bus. In the bus we had a lot of fun, listened music, chattered a lot and even did some kinda gymnastic because we got bored. Which resulted in some strange positions, hihi. See below. In Ypres we saw the remains of the first world war. It was very impressive and informative. We also ate in a cute restaurant. There we got typical Belgian fries and chicken. It was delicious. Ieper is a small town, very cute. In the evening we went to the ceremony, impressive too. And we walked around in the centre.
We slept in a small schoolhotel. I shared a room with five other girls and we had so much fun. You can imagine we didn't sleep that much (:

Friday we  drove to Brussels. First we went to the European Parliament. Such a pity that we didn't stay long. But I'm happy I've seen it. It's huge! And we were visiting a museum about the European Union. We were told stories by a small computer, hanging around our necks. And after that we had free time in the centre. So we had a lot of time to get the feeling of Brussels. In my opinion it's a beautiful city with a lovely centre. There are all these old streetstones. And a lot of buildings are creamwhite with golden details, like you see above. Really pretty! And of course it smells everywhere so delicious because of the waffle-stands (:

Yesterday evening we got back home. It was nice to sleep in my own bed and have a warm douche. But I would have loved to have a few more days hahaha!

Hihi, having a lot of fun during the journey in the bus.

Beautiful park in Zonnebeke, Belgium

With Pim in the park, the weather was so sunny (:

Grote Markt, the centre of Brussels

Manneke Pis,
I really thought he would be a bit bigger xd.

Beautiful detail of an old building in Brussels

Yummy Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream <3

A lot of buildings in Brussels were decorated with golden details

Have you ever been in Ypres or Brussels?

xx Janna

PS. You've seen the picture of me and Pim? First, I love the pants I'm wearing. The colour is very fierce, I like it very much. Second, Pim is also blogging. He has his own fashionblog. Which I really recommend visiting some time. Click!

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  1. Girls, you are so funny! With pleasure I will follow the life of your sweet blog! Waiting for you at home, sweet cupcake!))))

  2. ahhhh it's such an amazing place, i wish I can go there! :(

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  3. amazing pictures darl. looks like alot of fun! and of course i would love to, now following .. hope you'll follow back! xx


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