woensdag 27 juni 2012


Details from my outfit that make me feel like I'm in Wonderland...

maandag 25 juni 2012

Confetti cookies by Rudolph

Watching Rudolph's Bakery made me very enthusiatic to try these cookies. You can find the original recipe by Rudolph van Veen here. I changed it bit, to give it my touch. 

You need:

  • 50 gr butter
  • 50 gr sugar
  • 40 gr hazelnuts
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 25 gr pumpkin seeds
  • 50 gr raisins
  • 25 gr dried apricots
  • 2 tablespoons flour
You do:

1. Melt the sugar with the butter, this always smells so good! (:

 2. Add the flour and the milk, mix it together

 4. Cut the apricots and chop the hazelnuts.
Add the raisins, apricots, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds to the batter.

4. Make little heaps on the covered baking plate

5. Bake the cookies for approximately 15 minutes at 180°C.
6. Get them out of the over and let the cookies cool down.

7. Crunchy yet soft: yummy!

Aaawh really, those cookies are really delicious. So different from what I've made before. By the way you can change any of the ingredients (then I mean the nuts, fruit or seeds) for something you like more. For example: use prunes instead of apricots. 

Now I'm off learning again. Today I did my first exam, it turned out very well so I should keep going like this...

Janna xx

zondag 24 juni 2012

Turn the lights out now

Yesterday my dear friend Ryanne threw her sweet sixteen. First we had dinner. She made all the food herself with her sister, and it was delicious! Afterwards we watched a movie. Didn't really get a lot of it, 'cause we had too much fun (: You see her in the pic in her garden. She was wearing a cute top and matching eyeshadow. She's really good with eyeshadow, especially the funky colours. I don't think you can see that in this pic, but anyway. Take a look at her blog, if you already hadn't.

These awesome lace-up wedges are new. I love them. Don't think I'll ever take them off. Although it might be a bit uncomfortable while sleeping... And my new top of course. My followers know that I like lace, maybe a little too much. But I couldn't resist this short top. The weather was too rainy to wear it without a top underneath it, but I still love it!

Janna xx

donderdag 21 juni 2012

DIY Beaded Bracelet

Cute, yet tough, isn't it? So... I made it myself. And I can tell you it's very easy. You just need a little patience. And if you're a little bouncy like I am, it will take some more time. I started in the morning. But then I wanted to bake cookies for Father's Day. And then I went on with the bracelet. So, in the evening it was finally finished x). Anyway, I like it. Do you?

Oh, and while doing it, I totally forgot to make a how to, so you can find one here.

It's almost weekend, so keep your head up high (:

xx Janna

zondag 17 juni 2012

Father's Day: Chocolate Mint Cookies

This was a little experiment for Father's Day. And it turned out more then I had hoped for. It looks awesome and it's delicious! Try it yourself, it's easy. 

You need:

  • 300 gr flour
  • 150 gr sugar
  • 250 gr butter
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1,5 tablespoon cacoa
  • 50 gr butter, melted
  • 75 gr powdered sugar
  • splash of mint syrup
You do:

1. Stir the butter

 2. Sieve the flour

 3. Add the sugar

 4. Then add the egg yolk

5. Add the cocoa. Doesn't it look cool? (:
Oh, please notice what the cookiedough looks like 'cause it should look like this.

6. Bake the cookies for 15 minutes at 175 °C

Then for the filling. I don't have pictures because it's one of those things you should do quickly. And I had to keep my head with it. So, no pictures. But it's easy, so don't worry.

7. Melt the butter
8. Mix the butter with the powdered sugar.
9. Add the mint syrup
10. Put it in the fridge to stiff it a bit up
11. Drop it on a cookie and put another cookie on top.

Easy, wasn't it?

vrijdag 15 juni 2012

Owl Treasure

Wanted to show you my new treasure. 
I think it's such a amazing ring <3

(Yeahh, me not wearing any nailpolish, give them a little break before they die or somethingf x)

maandag 11 juni 2012

Apple-hazelnut cake

Coming home early made me instantly running to my bookcase to folder through the pages of my sweet cookbooks for some inspiration. And since it was very warm this afternoon (despite the gloomy weather), I wanted something fresh. Apples would do the thing. And my brother loved to help a bit, so I had a really nice afternoon. See here my how-to, it's really a delicious cake. Recommend it with icecreamd (:

You need:

  • 120 gr butter
  • 150 gr lightbrown sugar
  • 2 eggs, slightly stirred
  • 180 gr flour
  • 1,5 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1,5 tablespoon cook/biscuit spices
  • 2 peeled apples, crushed
  • 60 gr hazelnuts
Caramel-apple layer
  • 70 gr lightbrown sugar
  • 60 gr butter
  • 1 apple, without the core in thin slices
You do:

1. This is easy. Just melt the sugar and butter.
Provide the mix in the cake mould and put the apple slices in it.

2. Then it's time to make the batter, start by stirring the butter and the sugar toghether.
Add the eggs and make it a smooth mix.

3. Sieve the flour and baking powder and mix until it's an smooth batter.

4. Add the spices.
Don't you think this looks delicious?
It even smells better!

5. Crush the hazelnuts and add them to the batter.
Oh, and of course the apple.
Just spoon it trough the batter, don't do it with the mixer.
 Even if you're hurried/lazy/think of some other stupid reason...

Bake the cake for 35-40 minutes at 180°C

6. EAT IT 

My brother and me, watching the cake xd.

And then we played Monopoly, while the cake was cooling down.
I ended up broke, two times in prison and bought obligatory thrice a travel insurance xd.
But it was fun (:

Goooossh, I heard the most frightening thunderstorm. Somewhere I think it's really cool. It just sounds so overwhelming. As long as I'm warm in my house hihi. 

xx Janna

zondag 10 juni 2012

Sweets for my sweet

First of all: 100 followers. Thanks so much! I honestly am so grateful to everyone of you!   

And then, it really was time for me to make something sweet again. And because I still wanted to try out the mould my mother gave me, I decided to make sugar confectionary. No, gosh, this sounds awful. Let's just call it sweets hahaha. It so easy. Still a bit dazed by my Fudge Adventure, I decided not to make a lot, and just try it at first. Wasn't necessary, it's lovely!

Because it's such a fast recipe, I didn't have time to make pictures. Otherwise all the sugar would have got brown and bitter. 

You need:
  • 100 gr christal sugar
  • 6 tablespoons milk
  • 100 gr icing sugar
  • a drop almond/vanilla essence
You do:
  1. Let the sugar melt in the milk until it's bubbling.
  2. Get it of the stove and mix the icing sugar in it.
  3. Now is also the time to add the almond/vanilla essence.
  4. Pour the mix in the moulds and let it curdle.
  5. Eat it! (:
Make sure you do this al very fast, before it's curdled. Then it's way too much work to get it out of the saucepan. Yeah, this is experience speaaking (:

And I'm gonna think of something to make them more special, 'cause now it's a bit like you're just eating sugar, not that bad, but anyway xd. Maybe chocolate, or brown sugar?

For now, this is it. Yesterday I had a great time with Doris. We spent our time in Haarlem, looking for vintageshops and other small unknown shops. After a few failed attemps, some shops didn't even exist any more hahaha, we found a nice vintageshop. And I bought really a cute brooch, which I'm gonna show another time. Then we lost ourselves in a Chinese bead-shop. Back at my place, we made pancakes. I loved it all!

Enjoy your last hours of the weekend! x Janna

vrijdag 8 juni 2012

Lace blouse & other details

Do you like it?? I wore this outfit today, the last day before weekend. And I'm really happy it's weekend. Who isn't haha? I organised the music during lunchbreak again, and it's always a bit nerving. 'Cause I'm always wondering if people would come and if they would like it. Anyway, it was a great hit again, even better then last time. I like it: music & lunch. 

Red Lips Day, see us rocking the lipstick!

Now I'm gonna have a tiny it's-weekend-party with my cat, she loves it when I'm home again. So, see you later xx

donderdag 7 juni 2012

Shakin' baby, banana milkshake!

I don't like bananas, but I love this milkshake with bananas. Crazy? No, take a look!

Add 1,5 banana to each measuring beaker, in parts.

Add approximately 4 tablespoons of icecream. 
The more icecream, the thicker the milkshake'll be.
And fatter xd.

Add milk until the level is at least to the 400-line.
Or more, whatever you prefer.
It's contrary to the icecream: the more milk, the thinner the milkshake'll be.

Add caramel sauce for the sweet tooth.
And grated coconut, to make it a bit exotic.
If you don't like one of these, don't add it: it's just to give an extra touch!

Put in the freezer for an hour and provide it in long glasses.
Don't forget the funky straw!

I do everything feelingly, so don't hesitate to do it different. Make it all yours! Oh, it's for three to four persons. Normally I add a bit more icecream and milk, but today we were only with three. Anyway, I hope you like it.

Do you ever make a milkshake? What's your favourite? (:

dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Corn pop popcorn

checkered pants and burgundy jacket

a little diy on my tee I did some time ago (:

♥ cappuccino

My day started way too messy. If I wasn't already convinced that I'm not a morningperson, now I really am. I waked up way too late, rushed to the shower and started to do everything full speed. And altough I started with red pants and a flowery jacket, I ended up wearing the outfit you see above. Totally different xd. I haven't been wearing these pants for ages. And to be honest, I bought them in seventh grade, three years ago hahaha. Anyway, still love them. Although I always have to find a way no to show that they are a bit too short. Today: turn over and wear sneakers, so you just see a little skin. Aaah, whatever. Do you like my outfit?

Too much economics to study now. See you later! (:

maandag 4 juni 2012


Did a little nailart yesterday, all to avoid homework of course. 

zondag 3 juni 2012

Fudge, it's not as easy as it sounds

Hi dear,

This is the first post about a complete and utter failure. Ready for it?

A few days ago my mother gave me heart- and flowershaped molds for chocolate and other little bonbons. So yesterday evening I decided to try making fudge in them. My father and brother were watching some kind of a bad science fiction, so I didn't miss anything hahaha. Anyway, it wasn't going totally right. I honestly don't know what happened. All I know is that I ended up outside with a cookbook, a wooden spoon and a thin brownish blending. In the end I gave up stirring, which I had been doing for 15 minutes, in stead of 2. And I put them in the fridge. Only this morning, it was still not hard, so I put it in the freezer. 

The fudge in the cute heartshaped moulds

Now, two hours later, it still is as soft as possible. I dunno what to do with it xd. Although the taste is good. But not perfect, because I put too much almond extract in it.  I think I'll consider it as a failure. So I don't give you the recipe, until it's perfect.

My 'fudge' on a slice of bread

I'll just tell you a bit about yesterday. To give you the feeling that you didn't only see a failure haha. Yesterday was a lovely day, I could lay in my bikini all day because there wasn't any wind. So my tan is even better right now (: And I also made a little crocodile with tiny beads, although I tink it more looks like a salamander. Anyway, I had fun with Rachel, so I don't mind. It's cute and it decorates my étui.  

I used to remainings of the silver thread to make a cute ring.

Does anybody have experience with fudge? Do you have a great recipe? Please leave a comment! (:

xx Janna

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