dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Corn pop popcorn

checkered pants and burgundy jacket

a little diy on my tee I did some time ago (:

♥ cappuccino

My day started way too messy. If I wasn't already convinced that I'm not a morningperson, now I really am. I waked up way too late, rushed to the shower and started to do everything full speed. And altough I started with red pants and a flowery jacket, I ended up wearing the outfit you see above. Totally different xd. I haven't been wearing these pants for ages. And to be honest, I bought them in seventh grade, three years ago hahaha. Anyway, still love them. Although I always have to find a way no to show that they are a bit too short. Today: turn over and wear sneakers, so you just see a little skin. Aaah, whatever. Do you like my outfit?

Too much economics to study now. See you later! (:

12 reacties:

  1. Oh, dear, I have long been a follower of yours! Now you see it!))))

    1. Oh, thank you so much! Sometimes I'm just dreaming too much to see it, but I appreciate all my followers a lot. It makes me even more enthusiastic! (:

  2. thats a net diy shirt..i love cappuccino too

  3. great pants, I'm searching so long for those pants, but I never found those good looking one :)

  4. I love the pants and this cappuccino
    looks so yummy!
    Have a good day beautiful,

  5. Great outfit :)I don't like waking up early morning so Cappuccino is the most important :)
    I'm following you now :)


  6. Love the DIY tee; popcorn is absolutely fascinating so always make it in a pan with a transparent lid so you can watch!
    I love rediscovering old stuff in my wardrobe, or my mum's, as the case sometimes is xD
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  7. you look lovely! capuccionos are my fave :) x


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