zondag 3 juni 2012

Fudge, it's not as easy as it sounds

Hi dear,

This is the first post about a complete and utter failure. Ready for it?

A few days ago my mother gave me heart- and flowershaped molds for chocolate and other little bonbons. So yesterday evening I decided to try making fudge in them. My father and brother were watching some kind of a bad science fiction, so I didn't miss anything hahaha. Anyway, it wasn't going totally right. I honestly don't know what happened. All I know is that I ended up outside with a cookbook, a wooden spoon and a thin brownish blending. In the end I gave up stirring, which I had been doing for 15 minutes, in stead of 2. And I put them in the fridge. Only this morning, it was still not hard, so I put it in the freezer. 

The fudge in the cute heartshaped moulds

Now, two hours later, it still is as soft as possible. I dunno what to do with it xd. Although the taste is good. But not perfect, because I put too much almond extract in it.  I think I'll consider it as a failure. So I don't give you the recipe, until it's perfect.

My 'fudge' on a slice of bread

I'll just tell you a bit about yesterday. To give you the feeling that you didn't only see a failure haha. Yesterday was a lovely day, I could lay in my bikini all day because there wasn't any wind. So my tan is even better right now (: And I also made a little crocodile with tiny beads, although I tink it more looks like a salamander. Anyway, I had fun with Rachel, so I don't mind. It's cute and it decorates my étui.  

I used to remainings of the silver thread to make a cute ring.

Does anybody have experience with fudge? Do you have a great recipe? Please leave a comment! (:

xx Janna

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  1. Hi sister :P I think you crocodile is very lovely... It doesn't look that much like a salamander (It might just be me, being the animal geek XD). I'm sure the fudge will taste nice, even on bread :).

    1. Thank you very much, bro. I don't hope it's you who's screaming downstairs xd. It cannot be that bad on bread (:

  2. hahaah love this post! and am definitely following, my GFC wasn't working yesterday! :) would you like to follow too?


  3. hi
    like soo delicius
    i'm follow you too.

  4. Cute post dear :)
    Thanks for visit!
    xx Ilka

  5. LoL aw dont think you are failure!! if it makes you feel better it def looks yummy!


  6. creative! :)
    thanks for visiting my blog. sure dear, i would love to follow each other.
    follow me first then let me know if you're done and i'll do the same. ;3


  7. I still can't believe fudge with bread is a good combination. <3
    But I really love your blog!


  8. This pictures just made me so hungry--looks so yummy :)


  9. I'm sorry you didn't have much luck making fudge! But it still looks yummy especially on the toast!



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