donderdag 7 juni 2012

Shakin' baby, banana milkshake!

I don't like bananas, but I love this milkshake with bananas. Crazy? No, take a look!

Add 1,5 banana to each measuring beaker, in parts.

Add approximately 4 tablespoons of icecream. 
The more icecream, the thicker the milkshake'll be.
And fatter xd.

Add milk until the level is at least to the 400-line.
Or more, whatever you prefer.
It's contrary to the icecream: the more milk, the thinner the milkshake'll be.

Add caramel sauce for the sweet tooth.
And grated coconut, to make it a bit exotic.
If you don't like one of these, don't add it: it's just to give an extra touch!

Put in the freezer for an hour and provide it in long glasses.
Don't forget the funky straw!

I do everything feelingly, so don't hesitate to do it different. Make it all yours! Oh, it's for three to four persons. Normally I add a bit more icecream and milk, but today we were only with three. Anyway, I hope you like it.

Do you ever make a milkshake? What's your favourite? (:

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  1. I am SO gonna try this, I love bananas :) xx

  2. Thank your for your comment. I follow you now <3

  3. Really cute blog!

    Please take a look at mine -

    xoxo Anne

  4. ohhh!!! so deliciour! I love banana milkshake:D

  5. That looks yummy!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  6. Oh this looks soooo yummy *heads straight to kitchen to dig out blender and bananas*



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