zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Shiny & Navy


The great weather in Holland is already over. So wearing white isn't really an option anymore. But I was really glad that I could wear my fabulous shiny navy dress again. Oowh, I wish you could feel the dress' smooth texture!
This dress makes me feel like I could spend hours and hours in the kitchen. Baking cookies and drinking lemonade, while birds are singing outside in the sun.

Now I'm just watching inspiring pictures on from the fifties. This i one of these styles I really really love. And when I had a timemachine, I would definitely go back to the fifties, wearing a cute dress or swimsuit.

Which time do you love the most?

xx Janna

woensdag 28 maart 2012

Music running trough my head

Hey you!

I just had all these free periods today again.
And while sunbathing, we listened a lot of music.
And now this song is running trough my head all day long:

Which is your best relaxing-in-the-sun music?

xx Janna

dinsdag 27 maart 2012

Le printemps

Dear you,

Comment ça va?
Sometimes one of our teachers is ill and then we are allowed to do whatever we do. And with this lovely weather it isn't that bad (: So I spent the hour outside with three of my friends. The sun was shining on our heads, I heard some birds singing... I felt so happy!

 And I kinda really liked that it was possible to wear shorts again. I wore them with knitted knee high socks. I love those a lot. They give your outfit this touch you know...

I also got something else I felt very cool about. It's this little fake-tattoo, just a bit under my wrist. It's a petite flower. I think it's pretty. And since I'm a bit too afraid to get a real one, I think I would rather have this (: 
Do you like it?

xx Janna

PS. My friends (you can see them in the first picture) are also blogging. Maybe you could visit them some time?


maandag 26 maart 2012

1000 pageviews

It's the 26th of March, 2012
It's 17.53

And I've got exaclty 1000 pageviews, I'm so happy!
Thank you all, dear followers & other visitors. 

xx Janna

Festivals & Music

Dear readers,

I'm always a bit sad when weekend's over. But also very happy because of the great things I did. Like this weekend. The weather was great, so everything looked even better. Like I told you, Saturday evenening I had a little party because it was my friend Donja's birthday. We did a game called 'Wie is de mol'. It's a Dutch tv-programma. We had a lot of fun. One of my friends made cupcakes for her birthday in the theme of the party. They were very funny.

And yesterday I spent a lot of time with my dear friend Rachel. In our neighbourhood is a little lake with a bit of a beach. So we were just relaxing there. Talking about summer and all the great festivals we would like to go.

Last year I went to "Beeckestijn Pop". I love this summerfeeling you get there. Sitting on grass, listening to great bands and eating spun suger. I'll look for a picture we made last summer...

And are there any nice festivals or party where you live?

Since I'm writing a post, I could also tell you about some music I really like. I listen a lot to The Kooks.  For example their song 'Junk Of The Heart', which you can listen here:
The Kooks - Junk Of The Heart

I also listen a lot to French music. Which sounds so beautiful. For example this song, which one of my French friends sent me one time.

Superbus - Ca Mousse

And now I'm kinda curious about what music you like. Please add a comment & tell me!

Have a happy afternoon, Janna

zaterdag 24 maart 2012

Stripes & Orange

Dear friends,

There's nothing better then making you own pizza. Lats friday night I did this with three friends. And it became a little bit weird pizza because the boys wanted shoarma on it, and us girls didn't want is. But it was delicious. And afterwards we ate icecream (with caramel mmm!) until we felt rather sick (:

And now it's such great weather again. But I have to do lots of homework, which I'm kinda postponing at the moment. So first I polished my nails in a bright orange colour.

I'm in love with my new striped pants. 

Now I really would love to bake cupcakes. But I have to do my homework. And I still should buy a present for my friend, because tonight is already her birthdayparty. Which I'm looking forward to a lot. 

You know what I saw somewhere on the internet this morning? A cupcake machine. It's in Beverly Hills, next to the bakery Sprinkles. I'm very curious about what the cupcakes look like and how they taste.

Are you going to do something this weekend? And how is the wetter in your place?

Bisous x

donderdag 22 maart 2012

Sunny springday


It's really a perfect day. I'm writing this while sitting in the garden. I wish I could sit here forever. It's such a pity that I have a test geography tomorrow. 

Sooo, let me tell you how my day was. I was kinda happy that I woudl go to school again and see all my friends. And I have this glittery bodylotion of Sephora. It smells like coconut. To get totally in the mood (: I really love it.

At school it was a bit boring. All the teachers were a bit grumpy and none of them wanted to go outisede with us... But of course the breaks were totally fun. We could sit on the grass. Or lay ;P 

I was wearing a flowery jacket (wich was waaay too warm x). So I am totally ready for summer. Something you cannot see in this picture is that I was wearing a pink tee, but also that was a bit too warm hahaha, so at home I put on a white top. 

Did you also have such a nice and warm springday?

xx Janna

dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Candy Colours

Dear followers,

I'm still at home because I'm ill. So I was kinda in the mood for a new nailart. And today was one of those pre-spring days. You know, it's sunny outside and all you wanna do is lay in the grass with sunglasses. So because of this, I used two bright candy-colours. 
Blue and pink. 

I totally like the way these colours kinda clash with each other. It makes it even more cheerful!

Blue nailpolish: Nailart, Etos

Pink nailpolish: 160 Sweets For My Sweets, Catrice

Bisous x

  Please tell me if you like it!

maandag 19 maart 2012

Sleepover & cupcakes

Hey you!

Weekend's already over. My weekend was absolutely awesome. I had a sleepover with my friend Laura. Saturday we had the house for us alone, owhyeaahh. So we made pizza al funghi (with mushrooms). And we watched a beautiful movie 
The pizza was delicious. I love mushrooms, so it couldn't be any better!

Of course we slept too short hahaha. Sunday morning we were totally tired. But of course we had enough energy to bake cupcakes! Laura's aunt had bought us chocolate-pencils (white, milk and dark chocolate). So we went on a razzle with those. 

Don't they look pretty? I really like them. In the first picture you can also see the pancakes we baked that morning. We ate them with strawberries, whipped cream and sugar. We kinda made our own brunch. It was such a pity when I had to go home ofcourse. I had to do my homework. But it was too hard to keep my eyes open :3 
And maybe it's because of all the lack of sleep, but today I don't feel too great. So I stay home and sleep some more.

How was your weekend?

xx Janna

vrijdag 16 maart 2012


Dear you,

It's weeeeeeeekend. So that means making cupcakes to me, hahahaa! And now I'm looking for a new recipe. I have a lot if cupcakebooks at home, so maybe I should look in one of them. And maybe one of my visitors has a brilliant idea? (:

This one looks so delicious

Have a nice weekend xx

dinsdag 13 maart 2012


Dear followers,

I was in a guestfamily since friday because of the MEP. That's the abbreviation for Model European Parliament. I'm not gonna tell you all about it, only if you're interested. But I really had four great days. So yesertday I came back to my own family. And today was horrible because I was tired of my last four days. Anyway, when I came home from school, I decided to surprise my parents & brother with chocolatecake.

It's absolutely fantastic (okay, this isn't very modest, but I loooove chocolatecake).

I think it kinda looks like a moon-landscape ;P

I put the cake outside on a chair, because I think cold chocolatecake is even better than hot cake. And it became supersmooth from the inside. 

Bisous x

PS. I forgot to tell you that I mixed some coffee-powder trough the pastry. Love it!

donderdag 8 maart 2012

Question for my dear followers

Dear followers,

Yeseterday I was looking trough my pageviews and saw that I have a lot of pageviews from Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine. But also a lot from other countries all over the world. 
Now, I would like you to ask if you have some favorite specialty of your country or place. Think about the French 'Gâteau Breton' I made. Soo...

What's your favorite delicious specialty of your country?

Bisous x

PS. I'll post pictures of my Gâteau Breton soon

maandag 5 maart 2012

French Gateau Breton & Dutch Buttercake

Dear friends,

Last week I was in Bretagne, France. I really loved it there. We walked a lot over the beautiful coast. I've also swum in the Atlantic Ocean. The waves were huge so it was a lot of fun. The water was so clear and blue. It was one of the best holidays ever. I wish I was still there!

So what has all this to do with my blog? Bretagne is kinda famous for its "Gâteau Breton", which is exactly what I'm gonna make this afternoon ! I'm looking forward to it! And so is my brother...
I know it's a bit like the Dutch "boterkoek" (buttercake). And I'm kinda professional with that cake, haha. I made it over a million times. With a lot of variations .

  • Rasperry-marmelade
  • Orange-marmelade
  • Coco-rasp (very nice when it's mixed with marmelade)
  • Tutti Frutti
  • And a lot of other variations

buttercake with raspberry-marmelade

Does somebody have experions with the "Gâteau Breton"?
Bisous x

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