donderdag 22 maart 2012

Sunny springday


It's really a perfect day. I'm writing this while sitting in the garden. I wish I could sit here forever. It's such a pity that I have a test geography tomorrow. 

Sooo, let me tell you how my day was. I was kinda happy that I woudl go to school again and see all my friends. And I have this glittery bodylotion of Sephora. It smells like coconut. To get totally in the mood (: I really love it.

At school it was a bit boring. All the teachers were a bit grumpy and none of them wanted to go outisede with us... But of course the breaks were totally fun. We could sit on the grass. Or lay ;P 

I was wearing a flowery jacket (wich was waaay too warm x). So I am totally ready for summer. Something you cannot see in this picture is that I was wearing a pink tee, but also that was a bit too warm hahaha, so at home I put on a white top. 

Did you also have such a nice and warm springday?

xx Janna

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  1. wow, i like your post a lot. and your outfit is very nice :)
    so, I´m from Germany, and i want to ask you:
    Do you want to follow me?
    I´m going to start this, and follow at first you. :)
    merci, Tanja <3


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