maandag 19 maart 2012

Sleepover & cupcakes

Hey you!

Weekend's already over. My weekend was absolutely awesome. I had a sleepover with my friend Laura. Saturday we had the house for us alone, owhyeaahh. So we made pizza al funghi (with mushrooms). And we watched a beautiful movie 
The pizza was delicious. I love mushrooms, so it couldn't be any better!

Of course we slept too short hahaha. Sunday morning we were totally tired. But of course we had enough energy to bake cupcakes! Laura's aunt had bought us chocolate-pencils (white, milk and dark chocolate). So we went on a razzle with those. 

Don't they look pretty? I really like them. In the first picture you can also see the pancakes we baked that morning. We ate them with strawberries, whipped cream and sugar. We kinda made our own brunch. It was such a pity when I had to go home ofcourse. I had to do my homework. But it was too hard to keep my eyes open :3 
And maybe it's because of all the lack of sleep, but today I don't feel too great. So I stay home and sleep some more.

How was your weekend?

xx Janna

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  1. I like your blog so much!
    I'm following you now! :)



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