zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Shiny & Navy


The great weather in Holland is already over. So wearing white isn't really an option anymore. But I was really glad that I could wear my fabulous shiny navy dress again. Oowh, I wish you could feel the dress' smooth texture!
This dress makes me feel like I could spend hours and hours in the kitchen. Baking cookies and drinking lemonade, while birds are singing outside in the sun.

Now I'm just watching inspiring pictures on from the fifties. This i one of these styles I really really love. And when I had a timemachine, I would definitely go back to the fifties, wearing a cute dress or swimsuit.

Which time do you love the most?

xx Janna

4 reacties:

  1. I love the fifties and the dress you're wearing is so beautiful! xx

  2. HA- the picture withthe girls sitting on a bar in the beach... the girl to the left is wearing a swim suit that consits of a top and a skirt bottom- that is like what selena gomez wore last night to the nickelodeon kids choice awards.. so not appropriate. :p

    Of course we can follow each other!
    Following you- your turn now!

    God bless


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