zaterdag 24 maart 2012

Stripes & Orange

Dear friends,

There's nothing better then making you own pizza. Lats friday night I did this with three friends. And it became a little bit weird pizza because the boys wanted shoarma on it, and us girls didn't want is. But it was delicious. And afterwards we ate icecream (with caramel mmm!) until we felt rather sick (:

And now it's such great weather again. But I have to do lots of homework, which I'm kinda postponing at the moment. So first I polished my nails in a bright orange colour.

I'm in love with my new striped pants. 

Now I really would love to bake cupcakes. But I have to do my homework. And I still should buy a present for my friend, because tonight is already her birthdayparty. Which I'm looking forward to a lot. 

You know what I saw somewhere on the internet this morning? A cupcake machine. It's in Beverly Hills, next to the bakery Sprinkles. I'm very curious about what the cupcakes look like and how they taste.

Are you going to do something this weekend? And how is the wetter in your place?

Bisous x

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Al jullie berichtjes maken me blij, dankjewel! Laat je linkje achter, want ik ben natuurlijk ook benieuwd naar wie jullie zijn :)

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