dinsdag 13 maart 2012


Dear followers,

I was in a guestfamily since friday because of the MEP. That's the abbreviation for Model European Parliament. I'm not gonna tell you all about it, only if you're interested. But I really had four great days. So yesertday I came back to my own family. And today was horrible because I was tired of my last four days. Anyway, when I came home from school, I decided to surprise my parents & brother with chocolatecake.

It's absolutely fantastic (okay, this isn't very modest, but I loooove chocolatecake).

I think it kinda looks like a moon-landscape ;P

I put the cake outside on a chair, because I think cold chocolatecake is even better than hot cake. And it became supersmooth from the inside. 

Bisous x

PS. I forgot to tell you that I mixed some coffee-powder trough the pastry. Love it!

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Al jullie berichtjes maken me blij, dankjewel! Laat je linkje achter, want ik ben natuurlijk ook benieuwd naar wie jullie zijn :)

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