maandag 16 april 2012


Dear you,

Waaaaa, they smelled so great, but I had to wait until they were finished. It was almost unebearable... I had been cleaning my room since straight away after breakfast. And even then I had to do a lot of homework. But by the time of three o'clock PM I was so bored, I wanted to do something fun. And I decided to take a look in one of the cookbooks I have in my bookcase. While flipping through the pages, I saw a recipe for brownies with ginger. And I was kinda sure we had ginger preserved by sugar in syrup... Which smells so delicious!

Yummieeee! (:

Oohh, I love brownies. They are so supersticky. And the taste of ginger just makes it even more perfect. 

How did you spend your sunday?
Bisous, Janna

Ginger; it doesnt only smell and taste good,
it also looks nice...
The brown dots are lost pieces of chocolate (x

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  1. it isn't my cat hahaha it's the cat from my friend, i visited her last week xd but thanks!!!

  2. Nice!!! If you want, check out my blog

  3. hello gorgeous! you really got a cute bloge here. I loooove brownies and they really look good. hope you enjoyed them <3

    greetings from me sitting in a dutch office ;)

  4. sure, we can follow each other. follow you!

    sitting in a dutch office because I work here. I live pretty near to the dutch border which makes it easy for me to work abroad :) it's fun, i like it.

  5. Looks and sounds so good, what was the recipe?

    Ruth xxxx

  6. yummm, I love ginger! it's such an amazing ingredient.

    My blog: HYBRID HUNTER

  7. Ik vroeg me dus af he: Hoe blijf je zo dun van al die brownies en cakejes en alles hahaha xD

  8. so wunderful blog. i love your header.
    wanna follow each other ?

    1. i follow you now.(:

  9. your blog is going to make me go up a dress size! haha love it!!!


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