vrijdag 6 april 2012



Yesterday was absolutely great. To take advantage of our free time, I went shopping with Doris, Mariya and Laura in Haarlem, it's near my town. It's a beautiful city, and there are a lot of shops! 

I bought a green kohlpencil. Which I absolutely love. The green colour really makes my eyes stand out. I'm very happy with it.

Hihi, this is my eye (:

Oh, wait, my mother is calling me from downstairs. I think I maybe should run there. What? What is she saying? There's a little parcel for me. I should definitely run now!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Yaaayyy, now I'm even happier. The parcel seems to be from Girlscene, the website I wrote an article for. It's a thankyou-note with lots of great gifts
It says: "Thanks again for your tip & article. Love, Girlscene"

Aaaaaaawwwwh! (:

This nailpolish is so perfect. Especially because I bought pants in the same colour!

Pretty pink Bourjois eyeshadow 

Pure purple powder!

I must thank Girlscene a thousand time, because they made me so happy with this! It really wasn't necessary as I like writing, but it's lovely!

And somethin I didn't tell about yesterday is that Mariya and I ate icecream. And it was the same colour as the new nailpolish. I really was in a mintmood, I think. Because I bougt mintcoloured pants and earrings.

It's after eight-flavoured <3

And now I'm going to try out a new recipe I recently found in a cook-magazine!

xx Janna

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  1. beautiful cosmetics ! Blue nail polish looks so interesting.

  2. so great products!nice post:)
    please visit me in free time:)

  3. Gosh,what a very cute blog you have here darling,i adore your layout and banner,its so cute.and oh,btw,i just followed you via gfc so that i can keep in touch on your future post too.mind to follow me back?


  4. thank you for visit me:) of course I follow you! follow me back:)

  5. looks really great! love that Rimmel nail polish!

  6. Lovely post :) hope the cooking goes good!

    Great blog, defiantly worth a follow :)

    Ruth xxxx


  7. Nice blue nail colour!


  8. I also have that green nailpolish! Yeah!
    xx Leader of the Markoleinmensen


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