maandag 23 april 2012

Poker & Pancakes

Hi everyone,

How are you doing? Did you also had a good weekend?
For me, the weekend was great. Of course I first became champions with my volleybal-team. Click here for the picture and post about that Saturday. After spending some time with my teammates in the Mac, I went home, learnt a bit for my historytest and changed my clothes. Then I went to Haarlem with Laura to eat something in the centre. We had a lovely time sitting in the sun besides the channels.

Yeahh, that's me sitting in the sun (:
We drank some kind of soft drink, tasting like bubble gum, so delicious!
After forgetting the time, we were a little bit late for meeting the boys, but I don't think they  did really mind hahaha. We played poker and I won (: Hahhaa, I didn't really understand the game, so it was funny xd.

So that was my Saturday. And yesterday I had a tournament, which we totally lost xd. But we had a great time together and it wasn't that bad. In the evening I made a lovely dessert with pancakes and warm cherries. See here the result:

Ooohh, it even looks delicious <3

It's so simple, you only have to bake some pancakes and heat the cherries (from a tin or something). Serve it out with icecream and powdered sugar. Doesn't it sound (and look!) delicous? It's so easy, and so yummy!

And now I really should learn a bit more for my historytest...

Lots of love, Janna

3 reacties:

  1. Sounds like a great day!
    Wow the pancakes look delicious, I'm so jealous :)

  2. this looks so yummy! x


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