woensdag 11 april 2012

It's blue & awesome...


Today the weather was good enough to wear white jeans... So I took advantage of the situation and wore them. And even better were my shoes. I'm absolutely in love with these shoes! I think they are so blue & so awesome!

Do you like my shoes?

And this is what I'm wearing today... I got this jacket with my birthday. That's a long time ago, haha, december. But I was sure that I had to wear it with a lot of white. So I kinda waited for the sun to break trough (:

And this is a necklace. Okay, I'm sure you had already noticed that xdd. And I think it's fabulous. My dear friend Mariya bought it for me. I'm happy with it, really happy! 

xx Janna

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Al jullie berichtjes maken me blij, dankjewel! Laat je linkje achter, want ik ben natuurlijk ook benieuwd naar wie jullie zijn :)

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