zaterdag 28 april 2012

Barbe à papa

Dear followers,

Holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays! Yay, I'm so happy. One week, totally free of school. So my friends and I decided to give it a great kick of by going to a huge fair. The fair was awesome, lots of nice attractions and it smelled so sweet. And 'cause we couldn't resesit the little stall with huge colourful candy floss, we ended up having sticky fingers (:

Ohh, and yeah, my hair was all wet and wouldn't go in it's place anymore, ike you see in the picture above. Thanks to the some fairground attraction were small fountains made us totally wet. 

And as you can see, even the sun broke trough. So our holidays couldn't start better at all. And after having a lot of fun, we went to an adorable pizzaria in the centre, Black Beauty. We ate there a couple of times, and it never get boring. There's only one man running the tiny restaurant and he bakes delicious pizzas. It was hard to decide which pizza to get, but I decided to have one with salmon. Great choice.

Today the weather is so horrible, only rain... Maybe I could bake cake or something. Anybody a great idea and recipe?

Have an awesome weekend!


Ps. I also came across a picture of my team getting the cup can medals, last Thursday. We all  made three stars on our tenue because now we're the champions three times in a row (:

5 reacties:

  1. oh thanks (:
    nice header too (:
    YES! (: i follow you (:

  2. yeaaah. I love holidays and I love our championship, three times in a row.
    I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

    byeeee xxx

  3. unfortunately, I couldn´t be there with you and the others ):
    but it's nice to you you had a good time!
    nice holidays!

  4. i follow you - please follow back, so we can follow eachtohter :* ♥


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