dinsdag 10 april 2012

High tea (:

Yesertday was awesome! A few weeks ago Laura and I said it would be really cool to have a high tea. So we invited a lot of friends. Ryanne said we could come to her house, which is really kind because we were with a lot of girls (: And the party could be started!

Int he morning I made brownies, the same sticky brownies from a week ago. But now I decorated it a bit Easter-like. And yeahh, I used the bunnies from the chocolatesprinkles (:

Now I would really like to post some pictures of the creations of my friends. But I don't have any pictures on my camera. So as soon as my friends send my their pictures, I'll upload them. I do have some pictures of the amazing bunch of people I was with:

As soon as I've ot pictures, I'll show you!

xx Janna

PS. Never try to make brownies without butter. It's gonna be a big hard mass and it'll look like this:

5 reacties:

  1. your brownie-cake was delicious (and than I mean the first picture haha)

  2. that looks delish!


  3. ahhh yummyyyyyyyy

    Thanks for following me back. It means a lot

    see you soon

    <3 Una


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