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Amsterdam: museum of bags & purses

In Amsterdam zijn, naast fantastische winkels, ook een heleboel bijzondere musea. Bijvoorbeeld het Tassenmuseum. In het het centrum van Amsterdam, in een prachtig historisch grachtendpand, is de gaafste collectie totes, clutches en rugzakken tentoongesteld. Omdat het weer eindelijk weer iets beter was, ben ik er vandaag heen gefietst, om erachter te komen dat dit echt een van de vetste musea is waar ik ooit ben geweest. Vanaf het moment dat je de eerste expositieruimte binnenloopt, wordt je in de wereld van de tas gezogen. Van een schattige 18e eeuwse clutch met kraaltjes, tot het klimop-tas die ooit van Madonna was. Het is awesome!

In Amsterdam are, next to great shops, also a lot of special museums. For example this Museum of bags & purses. In the centre of Amsterdam, in a beautiful historical canalhouse, is shown the most amazing collection of totes, clutches and backpacks. Since the weather was a bit better today, I cycled to Amsterdam to discover this museum is one of the most amazing ones I've ever been to. From the moment you step in their first exhibition you get sucked in the wonderful world of bags. From a cute beaded clutch from the 18th century to ivy-bag Madonna once wore. It's awesome! 

One of the most amazing bags was this cupcake-bag Judith Leiber, 2007. It's covered in tiny Svarovski diamonds. Isn't this glamour to the max?

Or what do you think about this leopard bag? It's from 1962, made in Botswana. It's made from a real leopard (before the rules got strict like nowadays). You should see it yourself. You can see the eyes, the nose, everything. It's a pretty impressing thing to see.
This is a brides purse from the 18th century. It's made with glass beads, also called sablé, which is French form sand-like. No wonder it's made in France, so sophisticated. 

The temporary exhibtion was about special extraordinary bags. For example this orange bag. I loved this part as it was so original and extravagant. Which fashionista wouldn't like to hang a big orange or a cute carriage around her shoulder?

This is what the museum looks like. All big showcases and cosy light. 
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Ik zou willen dat ik je iedere tas zou kunnen laten zien die er tentoongesteld is. Maar het zijn er veeel te veel. Ga er eens zelf heen om alle fantastische tassen zelf te zien!

I wish I could show you every single piece they show. But there's waaay too much. So you should really go and see all the beautiful things yourself! 

Happy Sunday,

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  1. heeeeeey,
    die eerste met swasofskieee <3

  2. WOW! no way! I am not sure if they have something like this in the USA. this is so cool!

    thanks for stopping by my bloggie and for inviting me to visit you here! :D

    God bless,

  3. Wat leuk zeg een tassenmuseum, had er nog nooit van gehoord! Dat cupcake tasje is wel echt heel cool met al die steentjes :) x

  4. That sounds like such a cool museum! That cupcake purse would be perfect for you :)

  5. That cupcake purse is so cute!


  6. Hi there!
    These bags are all so cute.. of course ny favorite one would be the cupcake because its girly and well.. who doesnt love cupcakes haah!
    So I have been out of the loop for a while but I am finally back and I have a new blog. I'd love it if you can check it out and let me know your thoughts. Also since its not in blogger I would love it if you can follow me via bloglovin so you can keep up with updates. I am already following you there :)

    New blog- http://fashionneedy.com

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. My favourite is the cupcake purse as well. I would love to share it in one of my outfit posts one day :D Anyway, I'll check out your blog as well, see you there! x

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  8. thanks so much for stoppping by! Loking forwrd to keeping in touch :)

  9. thank you so much! amazing post and lovely blog! xx day-dreameer.blogspot.com

  10. Wat leuk dat je wat inspiratie voor pakketjes versturen hebt opgedaan :)

  11. OMG i love the cupcake purse .. had my eye on it since the sex and the city movie..but they r so damn tiny and unpracitcal :(
    Love this post ... instant follower ;)


  12. omg so pretty, especially the cupcake bag! xx


    1. and btw your blog's header is like the cutest thing i've ever seen!

    2. Thankuu <3 It's made by a friend of mine and I love it as well!


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