vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Cookie Girls

Heee, it has been a long time since my last post. I was just relaxing on the beach, having fun with my friends and partying. Anyway, since the weather is aweful right now I cannot even spend my time outside... This morning I got my school report so I'm finally done. Yay! (: 

Every year we do a activities day on school and this year the theme was 'festival'. So I baked cookies the evening before and surprised everybody with them. 

The pic was just token a bit too late, the cookies were already gone xd.

Last time I baked these cookies, everybody loved the freshness of the marmelade combined with the sweetness of the cookiedough. So I thought these were perfect for a festival. 
For the recipe, click here.

And for now: summerholidaaaaaaays! (:

Think I'm gonna look for a recipe to celibrate the real freedom. If anyone has a good one, please tell me xx

9 reacties:

  1. Delicious cookies! That must have been a lovely sweet surprise!



  2. Looks so delicios :)
    So cute the first photo.
    xx Ilka

  3. Yum, they look great! My nanna makes the same ones but instead of jam she puts a glace cherry in the middle :) Since you're on holidays, why don't you try a cake that has a really long or complicated recipe? I always do recipes like those when I have the whole day to myself at home haha

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    1. Great idea to make the most complicated cake I can find. I'm definitely gonna look for one right now. Thanks! <3

  4. Thank u soo much for your lovely compliments!:)
    Yes sure! We can follow each other:*

  5. Oh my god that looks so good
    I swear to god I always have a foodgasm each time I visit your blog hehe

  6. aw you're so cute for bringing over the surprise cookies! hope you had a lovely weekend <3



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